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Dominate Halloween with a Purple Renaissance Dress

Dominate Halloween with a Purple Renaissance Dress
When October comes around, the one thing that is on most people’s minds is “Halloween.” Well, maybe not on most people’s minds, but definitely ours. We take Halloween very seriously. There are contests to be won and people to impress, and, as with most things, the only surefire way to accomplish both is to focus on details. You can’t get away with simply wearing a purple Renaissance dress, stunning as it may be. But if you can get your Renaissance costume’s details just right from every angle, you just might become the most memorable of the night!

Let’s start with the aforementioned purple Renaissance dress. In order to enhance your outfit to be the most detailed, exciting, authentic costume it can be, it would be a good idea to learn about the real Renaissance period. Occurring roughly between the 14th and the 17th centuries, the Renaissance, meaning “re-birth” in French, was a cultural movement, affecting art, literature, science, and yes, fashion. Artists and scientists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Galileo Galilei all had a significant, lasting impact in their respective fields during this period. Along with science and art, attitudes about fashion evolved. Prior to this period, clothing was purely utilitarian; clothes were often dark and simple and generally made for function. During the Renaissance period, these outlooks changed drastically.

By itself, your purple Renaissance dress can be quite eye-catching. Renaissance dresses accentuate women’s natural shapes and put added emphasis on the waist. You can accomplish this effect by using one of our waist cinchers and under-bust corset sets. Blouses were as ornate as the dresses, often featuring ruffles and bows.

What perfect Renaissance costume would be complete without authentic accessories? As the Renaissance period continued through the years, accessories like jewelry became staples. With a purple Renaissance dress, a silver chainmaile headband, a silver choker, and perhaps an ornate silver bracelet would bring your outfit together in a period-accurate style.

An important yet often overlooked detail is shoes. Shoes were an important part of the Renaissance era. Like the rest of Renaissance fashion, shoes began to focus less on functionality and more on ornate fashion. Try pairing your purple Renaissance dress with our Queen Isabella boots, which can be customized to match your dress perfectly.

With a little bit of effort, and with the help of Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe, you’ll be able to complete your outfit and be totally true to the Renaissance era. But remember: even with all the research and details, it all starts with a purple Renaissance dress!

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