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Frivolity, Fun and Free Spirits Abound in Renaissance Fairy Costumes!

Frivolity, Fun and Free Spirits Abound in Renaissance Fairy Costumes!
Whether you are dressing yourself for a magical weekend at the Renaissance Faire, or you are invested in seeing your child dressed as a woodland sprite for a costume party, it is time to consider your choices regarding Renaissance fairy costumes. Renaissance fairy costumes are perfect for the person who loves a wild, free and colorful look, and putting together one that works takes just a little bit of time and effort.

First, when you are considering Renaissance fairy costumes, consider a color scheme. While it can be tempting to just throw every color you can lay hands on into the costume, a color scheme helps tie things together. At the very least, choose colors that are all of the same brightness or in the complementary color families.

For a voluminous look, pair an embroidered or sequined bodice top with a full skirt. If you have a bodice in a dark color, you can use it for your Renaissance fairy costumes as well as your pirate or wench outfits. Pair it with a brightly colored skirt with a jagged hem to give your outfit a beautifully hourglass silhouette. Similarly, you can choose skirts in satin for a shiny look that stands out.

Don’t forget that part of the fun of Renaissance fairy costumes is that they can have a little bit of everything as far as jewelry and accessories go! Throw on all the gold or silver jewelry that you like, including anklets, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Fill out the outfit with long dangling earrings, and top it off with your favorite hat worn at a jaunty angle.

When putting together your Renaissance fairy costumes, don’t forget to look around for the right wings. Wings add an ethereal look to your outfit, creating a wonderfully elfin appearance. While butterfly wings are a wonderful choice for this, remember that you can also look into bat wings for a more wicked fairy look.

If you want to go to your next fun get together as a charming fairy, consider all the parts of the costume that you want to bring together. From tiny details like face and body paint, to clothing related choices like skirts and shoes, think about the full effect that you want to create and what it will take to get there!

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