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Invent Your New Personality in Steampunk Fashion

Invent Your New Personality in Steampunk Fashion
Straps, gears, clockwork, and conductors’ black and white stripes - it’s a new age of steam powered fashion and you get to choose a new you! Be the bold star of the carnival, a lady of the empire, or the brains of the operation in bustling, gorgeous gowns!

All Steampunk fashion is inspired by steam powered machinery, making it possible for new historical garb like the shapely clockwork inspired Pocket Watch Waist Cincher come to life. Check out the world of possibilities for the next costume ball or Renaissance Faire.

Queen of the Carnival

Ladies, are you looking to have fun in the age of Steampunk fashion but the science and technological achievements don’t appeal to you? You can still be queen of the carnival is the daring Steampunk Circus Bustle Set. This complete set will have you ready for a whole new you at the next dress up or party. It comes with the chemise top, under bust corset, long steampunk striped skirt, and you can even add a bustle for extra oomph!

Get your Geek Out

Ladies can now get down and dirty while working on the latest steam powered combustible engine in a Ladies Steampunk Engineer Corset. While women in the 19th century were generally limited to intellectual pursuits, you may choose to be an inventor or engineer if you wish in the finest Steampunk fashion corset. Go ahead – show off your fierce, feminine figure, even while carrying around tools and steam powered gadgets to your next job! If the boys can’t handle a woman that’s smart and sexy, that’s for them to deal with while you forge the new frontier!

Modern Couple

Steampunk fashion has luckily come into costuming with some great styles for men and women, making dressing as a set much easier. While you’re dressed the part of the savvy airboat rider in the Empire Woman’s Steampunk Gown, your other half can play the part of the gentlemen in the Empire Gentlemen’s Steampunk coat. These all black ensembles are ideal for the couple looking to maintain a sense of decorum in the 18th century.

If you’d like to reinvent history, why not reinvent your Renaissance persona in true Steampunk fashion. You can mess with all those history buffs while proclaiming your love of the steam powered locomotive! Check out the selection of Steampunk fashions here at, and get ready to look fantastic and have some fun.

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