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Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe – Your Source for Men’s Medieval Clothing!

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe – Your Source for Men’s Medieval Clothing!
Rome has fallen and now it is time for you to rise to power with style and sophistication. Your garb can greatly impact your role in a new and brutal Europe, so it is important to choose wisely. provides premiere, high quality men’s medieval clothing that is fit for a king, soldier, or peasant.

Do you need the power and armor that comes with a leather tunic? Or are you in search of the mobility and dexterity of a velveteen doublet? Whatever your role, we have the highest quality shirts, vests, pants, and boots so you can look the part, whichever guise you choose.


It is important to note that the medieval clothing you select plays a vital part in the role you will take. If you are preparing for battle, a brigandine is a fine piece of armor that will have you protected in any situation. Take, for example, our Highland Brigandine, crafted from thick padded suede. It includes two back straps for a comfortable fit and maximum range of motion!

For trousers, our swordsman pants, made from a high quality viscose fabric, provide an iconic puffy look due to the elastics in the knees and ankles, which will highlight your prowess with a sword that will have your enemies trembling in their boots. And speaking of boots, we offer leather and suede boots that will protect your feet in comfort and style while traversing the woods or docks.

Do you prefer to sail the seven seas? Pearson’s provides the finest pirate costumes for any privateer. Other swashbucklers will be green with envy and ask where you found such bountiful booty! is a one-stop shoppe for medieval clothing, ranging from pirate garb to garments that will flaunt your knighthood. With Pearson’s you can get the authentic look you’re looking for without spilling a lot of coinage.

With an unlimited combination of shirts, vests, breeches and boots, Pearson’s makes it easy to get all the medieval clothing you need to look as sharp as your sword at your next faire or battle!

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