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Pirate Costume: Adventures on the High Seas

Pirate Costume: Adventures on the High Seas
Aye! Stowe away the guns, bring the ship to port, and prepare the boarding lines. I want as many prisoners and as much loot from that ship as possible. And hurry it up, we don't be havin' all day! Ahoy! You down there! What matter of dress do ye be wearin'? You don't be lookin' like a pirate. Ye be lookin' like sea scum. If ye plan to be a part of my mangy crew, we need to be getting' ya into a pirate costume worth its salt.

Scurvy Scalawags

The men on me ship are the ones who be doin' all the work, so ye be needin' some manner of comfortable and seaworthy pirate costume to keep ya high and dry. We'll be facing all sorts of adventures out on the open seas: Sea monsters, deserted islands, buried treasure, angry waters, and run- ins with the King's Navy. Ye need to be ready for anything. Are ye up for the challenge?

Bonnie Lasses

You don't find many lasses who want to step onboard a pirate ship, but when you do, you know that they be full of adventure. If ye want to look like one of us, ye be needing a pirate costume fitting for a pirate wench. Or perhaps ye be thinkin' that life onboard a pirate ship is one of fine robes and linens. Well if ye be thinking that, there here is a pirate costume for ye, because ye must be the Pirate Queen!


“Never smile at a crocodile!” If ye are a little buckaroo who wants to be as dashing and daunting as I be, then perhaps this is the pirate costume that ye be needin'. Wee ones on my ship must always be watched and made to behave. I won't hesitate to toss a little brat overboard so he can meet Davy Jones!

If ye want to be the best looking pirate in all the world, then ye should stop by Port Pearson’s to find the pirate costume that is best for ye.

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