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Renaissance Faire Garb for LARPing

Renaissance Faire Garb for LARPing
If you are a fan of history or of the fantasy genre, odds are very good that you already know about Renaissance faires. Renaissance faires present an amazing opportunity for you to discover what life might have been like during that era of history. It is difficult to imagine all of the hard work that people underwent just to survive, but it is fun to see what people of that time period did to keep themselves entertained, and it is delightful to taste the types of foods that they ate!

When it comes to Renaissance faires, there is one attribute that really stands out from the rest: The overall Renaissance environment. This environment is achieved through the exceptional acting ability of those involved and through the Renaissance faire garb that they wear. It honestly feels like you've been transitioned back in time when you walk past a row of shoppes and see that all of the shopkeepers are in period Renaissance faire garb.

Even if you know about and enjoy Renaissance faires, you may not be as familiar with LARPing. LARPing is an acronym that stands for Live Action Roleplaying. A LARP is essentially a game where you create your own character and physically portray him or her in a gaming environment. You decide how your character will react to challenges, respond to other characters, and fight in battle. You can decide if you want to be a leader or a loner. It can be a very entertaining and an enlightening experience!

But much like with Renaissance faires, it is very important that the players and gaming staff create the appropriate atmosphere. It is hard to imagine that you are actually on a quest to save the Princess from Dark Elves when other players are wearing blue jeans. Effective costuming is a must!

That is why Renaissance faire garb makes for an excellent transition into LARPing. The eras and genres that are portrayed in both Renaissance faires and LARP settings are usually identical. The types of characters you find in one type of event can also be found at the other. If you already attend Renaissance faires, you can easily give LARPing a try. It will also be a chance for you to get more use out of your Renaissance faire garb.

If you need to suit up or equip yourself for either a LARP event or a Renaissance faire, don't forget to stop by to see all of the Medieval costumes we have that can help you look the part!

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