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Sorting Hat Selection for the Perfect Authentic Harry Potter Costumes for the Holidays

Sorting Hat Selection for the Perfect Authentic Harry Potter Costumes for the Holidays
Did you dream of the day when a mysterious letter would arrive on your doorstep, waiting to tell you that you’d been selected to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – even long after you’d turned 11? If you had these dreams of magic and sorcery, a land where frogs hop off your lap if you don’t eat them fast enough and pieces of wood become channels for your imagination, then you’ll love our Authentic Harry Potter Costumes! Harry Potter is a huge wizarding world though, which means there are so many different characters to choose from. When it comes to choosing, of course, the decision is made simple with the help of the Sorting Hat!

Let our Sorting Hat quiz help you discover which of our Authentic Harry Potter Costumes is right for you!

Costume 1: Do you spend half of your time slaving over books and the other half keeping your friends out of trouble? Are you referred to as the brains or mother of the group because you’re the only one with common sense?

Costume 2: Are you prone to giving into your dark side? Do you often find that no one can really tell if you’re evil or not – even when you tell them where you stand? You’re often misunderstood, because no one knows about your childhood or innermost secrets.

Costume 3: Do you always fight for what’s right – even when you may get the short end of the stick? You often find yourself being called stubborn because once you decide on a thing you follow through until the end.

If you agreed most to Costume 1: The Hermione Costume is just the one for you! Of all the Authentic Harry Potter costumes here at, the Hermione Yule Ball gown is most lovely and dainty – a real beauty for a beauty.

If you agreed most to Costume 2: Snape’s Authentic Harry Potter Costume is the one for you! You’ll stamp about in the Professor Snape coat and cravat or his signature black robe for your Snape Costume.

If you agreed most to Costume 3: Then the boy who survived outfit from our Authentic Harry Potter Costumes collection is the one for you. You’ll find authentic Harry Potter Costume essentials, including the Harry Potter glasses, pants, sweater in Hogwarts colors and even Quidditch goggles!

Just like the Sorting Hat allows, we’ll also let you change your mind if you’d like. You can always choose to be someone from Ravenclaw, Slytherin or even Hufflepuff with scarves, beanies, and other pieces from our authentic Harry Potter Costumes collection at

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