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Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes: A Royal Invitation

Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes: A Royal Invitation

Good evening, my Lady. I bring you good news! While you were out attending the faire this afternoon, a messenger rode into through the manor gates. It was the personal courier of the Prince! Oh my Lady, you of all people know how gallant the Prince is; atop his gilded stallion, the long golden curls of hair, and his handsome cleft chin. He would be a smart match should your Father permit it. Every noble's daughter in the entire kingdom would give a chance to be his bride. And the Prince has asked specifically for the pleasure of your attendance at the Mid-Summer's Eve Ball he is hosting. This is so exciting! This could be an opportunity for you to get to know the Prince even better.

Therefore, we must quickly start to prepare so that you will be the most delightful site to befall the Prince's eyes that evening. Let us look quickly through your chambers to see what kind of garments we can find. I've been your chambermaid for many years my Lady, and I'm sorry to say that I can think of no gowns that you own that would be appropriate for the occasion. We may have to petition your Lord Father to see if he would be willing to commission a seamstress to procure Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes for you, should you start spending more time at the castle.

I know of a merchant who does exceptional work when it comes to creating beautiful Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes: Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe. The dressmakers at this shoppe are well known for creating comfortable gowns that are extremely elegant. Begging your pardon my Lady, but I seem to recall how you mentioned that you would rather not wear such gowns due to the unpleasantness in design. I've heard it been said that at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe wants their patrons to be so comfortable while wearing one of their garments, that you'll never want to take off one of their Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes. Therefore you need not worry about being uncomfortable and you can focus on making time to spend with the Prince.

Wait right here my Lady. I shall go and speak with your Lord Father at once about procuring for you a new gown.

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