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Kids Renaissance Costumes for the Ren Faire Season

Kids Renaissance Costumes for the Ren Faire Season
Now that the summer is in full gear, Renaissance Faires are popping up all over the world. You can find Ren Faires of all sizes anywhere from small towns to large cities. One of the best parts about today’s Ren Faires is that many of them are geared towards families. Kids can visit Ren Faires and have an amazing time while their parents can rest assured that their kids won’t be exposed to inappropriate things. It’s a win-win because kids will have the opportunity to not only have a great time, they will also learn about the Renaissance period.

Another great thing about bringing kids to a Ren Faire is giving them the chance to dress up in authentic kids Renaissance costumes. There are many ways to dress your children in kids Renaissance costumes, so in this article we’ll give you some ideas as a starting point. With boys, there are many different routes you can take. Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has such a large selection of kids renaissance costumes that you can dress your boy up as any number of Renaissance characters. If your son is an aspiring swashbuckler, take a look at our Child’s Musketeer Tabard. Available in vibrant blue, this tabard is perfect for little musketeers. If he’s more interested in royalty, our Child’s Knightly Tunic will let him defend his king or queen while looking great.

For girls, we have incredibly detailed kids Renaissance costumes that they’ll want to wear every day! If your daughter dreams of being a princess, check out our wonderfully ornate Princess Anne dress. This dress is a stunning outfit, complete with an embellished bodice, red lace trim, and an attached hoop skirt. If she is more whimsical, perhaps she’ll delight in our Wood Elf Fairy costume. Made with bright emerald green and wood brown fabrics, this outfit is a perfect way to show off your daughter’s imagination.

Of course, there are many other ways to dress your kids up for a Renaissance Faire. You can even mix and match different elements to create an outfit of your own! Take a look at our extensive selection of kids Renaissance costumes today at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe!

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