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10 Reasons to Serve Up Smiles in A Beer Wench Costume

10 Reasons to Serve Up Smiles in A Beer Wench Costume
There are so many reasons to dress up in a Beer Wench Costume. The lass in waiting has a much better time than some queens and princesses, so if you’re looking to find the perfect excuse to don the working woman’s garb, then look no further!

Here are the ten best reasons every lady of the realm should want to be a Beer Wench:

1. Wench! Wench! Wench! Sure, no one likes to be called names, but Beer Wench? It’s just a fun name. It’s so much better than lady, maiden or even lass, and it has beer right in it!

2. Excuses, excuses. Want to talk like a filthy sailor? In a Beer Wench Costume, no one will question your sour tongue. Say you picked it up from your patrons!

3. You get to carry around a pitcher or ale glass all day! Props come easy to a beer wench like yourself, and your drinking glass can serve two purposes – as a prop and a place to keep something refreshing!

4. Beer Wenches are in high demand. The woman wearing the Beer Wench Costume ensures that everyone’s thirst is quenched and stomach filled, making her the most popular in the tavern!

5. You get a reason to sing and dance when you please. As a Beer Wench, no one will think twice when you randomly break out into a drinking song. Servers are tipped more for entertainment as well!

6. You get to wear such comfy threads. The Beer Wench Costume is a very comfortable fit for all body types. There’s no stuffy lace to worry over and the corset can be adjusted to your preference!

7. You get to have all the fun! A Beer Wench doesn’t have to follow rules of decorum. You can slouch and belch all you want!

8. There’s so much room to hide things in the gathered skirts of a Beer Wench Costume. Keep your purse or modern technology hidden in the ruffles of your peasant skirt to keep the illusion intact.

9. It’s a great group costume! Unlike being Queen, you can always have more Beer Wenches, so you and your friends can all dress up in a Beer Wench Costume!

10. Everyone loves a Beer Wench!

If any of these reasons spark your interest, you should definitely go forth and check out the Beer Wench Costume here at And if you’re feeling wench-y, but beer isn’t your thing, browse our full selection of wench costumes to find the perfect fit!

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