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Medieval Hooded Cloaks and Renaissance Capes

Many of the people in the marketplace forget to stop by my shop. They think that as soon as they purchase their gown or tunic that they have everything they need. Well they don't know how plain they look, or how chilled they may get! At my shop, you can find a Medieval Cloak that will really add some personality to your outfit. There is just something distinguished about a man in a Hooded Cloak; it just adds so much mystery. We also have Hooded Capes for the ladies as well, if you are looking to add some elegance to your Renaissance outfit. You really don't want to be "just another commoner" after all. You want to be the person who stands out and is noticed, and my shop is the one that can help you accomplish this goal.
With your embroidered, royal or elven cloak you can slink into the shadows, then make a grand entrance for the onlookers to marvel at. For knights wearing battle armor, a regal cloak will give those warriors dignity. Fair Maidens, don a velvet cloak with an elegant gold lining before you scamper to the next renaissance fair. A simple velvet cape can save the surprise of your cotton hunting dress for the latter half of the day. Let the wind give movement to the luxurious fabric when you storm through the village, or wherever you take your next adventure. Be coy or courageous in the cape of your choice.

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