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Medieval Earrings & Bracelets

Ladies of all rank and class, from bar wenches to Queens, know that to look the part one must pay attention to every detail. This is why ladies take care of everything from the curl of our tresses to each piece of fine medieval jewelry to flatter our dresses to perfection. Princesses just because you lack a maid in waiting doesn't mean you should lack in the best finery in your accessories and medieval jewelry as well! As you must choose your own outfit at the daybreak, choose the finest and most alluring medieval earrings to sparkle from behind your carefully trussed hair. Medieval earrings such as the Queen of the Night earrings look electric as accessories to a gilded green gown!

And don't forget that a Renaissance woman's dress is never complete without a stylish, sparkling medieval bracelet curled about her wrist. Enjoy the powerful feel of the Aurum Mortis medieval bracelet, featuring a stunning and sizable Swarovski crystal. May all ladies feel like princesses every day, and feel all the more royal by donning medieval jewelry that matches their own unstoppable shine!
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Ear Cuff
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