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Greetings to you, young lass. I am extremely excited to see that you have chosen my little shoppe for your clothing needs. My intuition tells me that you are here to buy a brand new Renaissance gown for the ball that is to take place in the near future. That is very joyous news, but I also note that you've never been in my shoppe before, so I'm going to guess that this will be your first gown. I feel that it is only my civic duty to remind you that you may also want to consider purchasing a Medieval chemise to go along with your gown. What is a chemise? A chemise is a form of an undergarment that most ladies wear under their finer wear such as a gown or dress. Our bodies can't help but perspire and shed; do you really want your elegant dress to be what absorbs all of our natural soils? Of course not. A Renaissance chemise is designed to protect your clothing while you are enjoying the festivities. So, would you like to browse through our chemises before moving on to the gowns? I think you just might! And the perfect Renaissance chemise is what you will find when you do.
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Medieval A Line Solid Skirt with elastic waist

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Medieval A Line Solid Skirt with elastic waist

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