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Bodices - Corsets - Waist Cinchers

Who wants the life of a princess? Sure they get servants, money, and flashy Medieval gowns, but the lifestyle is simply too stuffy! You always have to be prim and proper, your Medieval Dress must always be impeccable, and you don't have a lot of say in who you get to marry. The life of the wench is so much more liberating! While wearing your Renaissance Wench Costume, you're sure to meet interesting people and always be the life of the party. Wench costumes will let others know that you aren't caught up in the boring high society of Kings and nobles. Also, if you're the kind of woman who lives for the swashbuckling action of the seven seas, you will be able to find Renaissance period clothing to accommodate you while on board your ship.
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Jeweled Bodice
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