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Capes and Cloaks: Keep Dry, Stay Warm, Look Great!

Capes and Cloaks: Keep Dry, Stay Warm, Look Great!
If you are the type of person who enjoys attending Renaissance Faires or Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) events, then you know that one of the few things that can dampen the spirits of the event is bad weather. Constant rain, falling snow, harsh wind, and/or cold temperatures can turn an otherwise amazing weekend into a wet, miserable letdown. That said, there are times when an event can’t be rescheduled and you have to make the most of the weather. And this is precisely why you’ll see so many people wearing capes and cloaks as part of their Renaissance costume! You can find an excellent selection of capes and cloaks at Pearson's to fit in with any type of costume you’re dreaming of donning for a weekend of fun.

Wool Cloaks

Imagine you are at a Renaissance Faire and you are in your favorite costume, wandering around the Faire grounds looking at all the fun exhibits and having a fantastic time. Then it starts to rain. Most of the exhibitors will be cozy and dry under their tents, but you must move from table to table to take it all in. Move from table to table in the rain, that is. And if you attend the Faire in October, as many do, this may be a cold rain! This is where our capes and cloaks can come into play.

If you are dressed as a commoner or a basic traveler to the kingdom, you can stay warm and dry with something as simple as this Medieval green wool cloak. This high quality cloak is made of warm wool. Wool is a heavy fabric that keeps you relatively dry even when it gets wet, just like it did for the sheep it once belonged to! So long as you don't stand outside in a downpour for a long period of time, you should be fine. This is a big cloak that also comes with a hood, so you can keep your head covered while wrapping yourself in the rest of the material. Since wool is heavy, being wrapped up like this can keep you quite warm.

Velvet Cloaks

If you are an important noble, you will need something more extravagant than a green wool cloak. This is precisely why we have so many capes and cloaks here at Pearson's – to properly cloak the entire kingdom! This breathtaking velvet Renaissance cloak is an excellent option for those who are looking to showcase their upper-class stature. This cloak is made of rich velvet, beautiful brocade and sumptuous satin. This cloak isn’t recommended for rainy days, but will keep you wonderfully warm when the skies are clear and the air is crisp. If you are a true noble, you should have servants to send out into the rain on your behalf anyway. Don’t be afraid to crack the royal whip!

If you have your costume ready to go and are looking for that final touch that can keep you warm and dry, be sure to browse our collection of capes and cloaks. You can stay comfortable while looking like you walked right out of the Medieval era.

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