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Cold Weather LARP Costumes

Cold Weather LARP Costumes
Live action role-playing games, or LARP, have been growing in popularity since their inception in 1970. Since then, millions of Renaissance and medieval period enthusiasts have been experiencing the life and battles of those who actually lived during those periods thousands of years ago. The games have inspired a resurgence of interest in the Renaissance and medieval periods and have been featured in many movies and TV shows. Since the games typically take place outdoors and feature realistic battles, it’s important to make sure you wear weather-appropriate LARP costumes. Here’s a handy guide to help you keep warm while still donning authentic LARP costumes.

Like improvisational theatre, LARPers assume a fictional character and remain in character for the duration of the game. When it’s cold outside, this can become difficult; players are expected to adhere to the dress code of the game. It’s not like you can enter the game wearing a hoodie and sneakers! For men, you can start your LARP costumes with a warm base layer. A sturdy tunic should provide you with a good foundation of warmth. From there, you simply add layers. Fortunately, much of the clothing worn during the Renaissance and medieval periods were made with thick, rich materials, and since LARP costumes draw heavily from these time periods, it is easy to finish off your men’s LARP costume. A leather or velvet vest, thick tights, Locksley pants, and leather boots are all great ways for men to stay warm while remaining flexible for battle.

If you are a woman, the basic principles of layering your LARP costumes apply. While it might be a little difficult to layer, since women in the Renaissance and medieval periods typically wore dresses, all it takes is a little creativity to put together some really warm and functional LARP costumes. Start with a chemise or blouse – this will provide you with a good underpinning upon which you can build your costume. From there, try pairing your chemise or blouse with a bodice, a velvet skirt, or even a pair of stretch velour pants or hosen. The more layers for your LARP costumes the better. Remember: armor can also serve as protection from both your enemy’s weapons and as an extra layer of warmth!

As with your day-to-day outfits, layering your LARP costumes is key. By adding creative, functional, and period-authentic layers and using thick materials, you can remain warm in cold weather and still look your absolute best.

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