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Dress as a Family in Ren Faire Costumes for All!

Dress as a Family in Ren Faire Costumes for All!
The Queen has declared that family values are to be embraced this faire season with family themed Ren Faire costumes. Everyone loves their favorite Ren Faire costumes and chooses the same identity year after year, but this season’s royal decree: families are to dress as a family together!

Here be some choices that fare the whole family well for the Ren Faire season…

Band of Gypsies

No family sticks together closer than that of the gypsies! Choose fun gypsy costumes for the whole family. Mom and Dad get to embrace their younger, wilder selves and the children are free to run and play games. No need to make the entire family learn formal Ren Faire language for these costumes!

The Most Royal Court

From the lower to upper courts, there are so many types of royal Ren Faire costumes to try! A royal family is a superb choice for an older family; Mom and Dad get to be the Queen and King, while the children are princes and princesses! Royal costumes are also great for the extended family; add on as many Dukes, Countesses, Earls, and Ladies to your royal court as needed to accommodate your growing Ren Faire group! The Queen highly approves of this Ren Faire costumes choice!

A Storybook Family

Be a family of fairy tale characters in Ren Faire costumes from any childhood or classic story. The whole family can dress as characters from the same tale, such as Red Riding Hood in a red medieval cloak, Dad in a Wolf costume, and Mom as the Granny! Each family member can also be their favorite storybook character. Have Captain Hook, Robin Hood, and Rapunzel all join for the day at the faire in a meeting of tales!

The Cast of Harry Potter

If your family is joined by a love of Harry Potter, then the Queen will allow such a cast on her faire grounds. In lieu of the typical gowns and cloaks, check out our authentic Harry Potter costumes for outfits to let you become witches and wizards, even Dumbledore and Harry himself! Mix things up by including a muggle in the family costume theme.

The Queen declares it to be a family day at the faire, so bring the little ones along and dress up together in our Ren Faire costumes for all! You’ll be sure to win a group dress up contest – or just make an impression as you make you way across faire grounds. Go to the faire as a family and dress as a family in thematic Ren Faire costumes from

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