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Explore the Potential of a Steampunk Costume at the Renaissance Faire

Explore the Potential of a Steampunk Costume at the Renaissance Faire
There’s nothing as exciting as your first Renaissance faire! The only thrill that compares is returning to the faire for the first time in years. If it’s your first time to the Renaissance Faire, or you find yourself returning after a long time away, you might be a bit overwhelmed. There are hundreds of themes and costumes to choose from for your modern Renaissance faire – the imagination is the limit! Why not choose a Steampunk Costume where your imagination gets carried away with the possibilities?

Steampunk vs. Renaissance Costumes

There is so much to the Steampunk Costume. While the dress may seem like your typical Renaissance faire costume, there are several key elements that define it. While both share a fitted bodice, chemise tops with short to long sleeves, and voluminous skirts, Steampunk costumes often incorporate darker sets of clothing or use many brass and copper tones, like in the Ornate Sophistication Steampunk Bodice set. This full length skirt and top set has the traditional cut of Renaissance garb but also brings a dark black, brassy brown and cream paneled skirt and matching bodice with an ornate copper and brass design.

Versatile Costume

The small touches are what makes a Steampunk Costume its own, from the choice of brass buckles to dark metallic shades of brown and black. The costume as a whole is very versatile - with just the slightest alterations you can change the entire tone of your Steampunk costume. You’re never left with the same look! If you were a nobleperson for your first Renaissance faire, all you need is to add a pair of monocles or gadgetry to your clothing to become a scientist! Change your shoes or headgear with our Empire Gentleman’s Steampunk Coat to go from being a dashing inventor to a man of the law, with the important addition of a top hat and gun!

If you enjoy the Renaissance style of dress, you will love the possibilities of the Steampunk Costume. With a fresh new spin on your bustle or train, you’ll have even more fun in a Steampunk dress or coat. PearsonsRenaissanceShoppe.comcarries the best of brass and clockwork couture – find your Steampunk Costume at our store today!

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