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Hooded Capes: Perfect for LARPers

Hooded Capes: Perfect for LARPers
Have you ever heard of LARPing? “LARP” is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. If you go to a LARP, or “go LARPing”, you are attending one of these live action role playing games. There are many different types of LARPs to suit everyone’s unique interests, including: Medieval, Vampire, Star Wars, and many more. If you search hard enough, you're sure to find a LARP that is perfect for you!

Although each LARP is different, most usually follow a similar format. The game staff will rent a camp site, or other such location, and set up props to transform the real world into the world of the story. Then the players will show up and literally become their characters: They dress in Medieval costumes, from hooded capes to flowing Renaissance gowns, speak in different voices, and go about their daily lives as if they were their character. Then the game staff will send out other characters, monsters, and other types of encounters for the players to address over the course of the event. Throughout the entire event, there is a narrative that carries through, where the players must attempt to thwart enemies, solve puzzles, and so forth. The unique aspect of LARPing is that you actually go out and do it; you don't sit at home behind a computer screen.

LARP Costumes

At, we feel that we can best outfit those who attend Medieval LARPs or LARPs that are set in a similar era. One costume element that most LARPers would benefit from, but often forget, are hooded capes. Hooded capes are excellent costume accessories as they provide you with a number of benefits:

Hooded capes keep you warm in cooler temperatures

They help keep you dry when it rains or snows

Hooded capes help you conceal weapons if you're planning a sneak attack

They can help you stay hidden if you are trying to be stealthy or elude others

Hooded capes can also let others know your social status or to which organizations you belong

They allow you to look like you've actually stepped out of history

If you are interested in LARPing and need a costume, don't forget to browse through our hooded capes section. There are plenty of capes and cloaks there that can complete any costume you feel best suits your character. Have fun out there!

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