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LARP Clothing for all Manner of Medieval Folks

LARP Clothing for all Manner of Medieval Folks
With shoes, tunics, cloaks, dresses and more, if you’re looking for fashionable yet affordable LARP clothing, is the place for all of your LARPing needs! We provide customers with LARP clothing styles for pirates, princesses, knights, wenches, and more. We even offer replica costumes for Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Harry Potter, Hermione, and a selection of other popular characters that are so exciting to play!

Love the idea of LARPing, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite fashions for all classes and characters…

Wenches – Who doesn’t love to see spirited wenches in long skirts with petticoats or bum rolls underneath? Nobody we know! If you’re a wench looking to upgrade your wardrobe Pearson’s has you covered. One of our favorites is the Enchanted Lass Renaissance Wench Costume, which includes a flattering tie bodice, short sleeved chemise top, and a pretty panel skirt. The skirt of the dress is a deep green, which perfectly complements the beauteous yellow brocade.

Peasants - Even though you’re a peasant you can still look quite eye-catching when you wear one of our medieval dresses! Our Ameline Peasant Dresses are affordable and comfortable, allowing you to complete your many chores with freedom of movement.

Queens / Princesses - We also have LARP clothing for Queens and Princesses, like our gorgeous Cornwall Renaissance gown. Royal ladies can complete their gowns by adorning with a captivating crown.

Middle Class Men - Are you a middle class merchant or carpenter? We have a wide variety of tights, tunics and shirts for you to choose from. All of our products are made to last, so you’ll never have to worry about your LARP clothing tearing or being destroyed as you work.

Noblemen -You’ll certainly be recognized as a Nobleman when you’re wearing one of our more expensive tunics, like our Prince of the Isles Renaissance tunic, paired with leather gloves, and one of our decorated belts.

Knights – Protect yourself when you go into battle. Chain mail armor is one of the earliest clothing items knights wore when entering into battle. This armor consists of thousands of interlocking rings, and is woven into different types of clothing.

Pirates – If you’re looking for pirate LARP clothing, you’ve definitely come to the right place! For women we offer a huge selection of pirate clothing options including gowns, vests, tops and pants. also has shirts, pants, boots, hats and more for male pirates (and kid pirates, too!).

With all of these LARP clothing options and more to choose from, we hope you’ll make your first stop for all of your LARPing costume needs.

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