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Learning the Basics of Steampunk Wear

Learning the Basics of Steampunk Wear
Steampunk has gone from a small trend to a full-fledged cultural movement. If you don’t know what steampunk is, you are bound to come across it in books, movies, TV shows, and everyday fashion. If you are a steampunk devotee, you are experiencing an embarrassment of riches. The unique blend of science fiction and Victorian aesthetic has captured the imagination of the public in a big way, and with its ever-increasing popularity, it isn’t likely that it will disappear any time soon.

If you are just getting into steampunk wear, it might seem scary at first. Like anything with a core, rabid fan base, there are unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies that are hard to learn at first. As you delve deeper into the world of steampunk, you’ll quickly see the characteristics that initially seemed alienating are actually living and breathing details that evolve over time.

Before you get into the details of steampunk wear, you should first get acquainted with the origins of steampunk. Although there may be some disagreement about what can and can’t be included in the subgenre of steampunk, everyone agrees that it began strictly as a literary genre. Although there are many facets to steampunk literature, some of the most prevalent features are Victorian era settings, advanced versions of 19th century steam-powered technology, and some supernatural elements. When all or some of these attributes are combined, you have the start of a steampunk work.

When it comes to steampunk wear and steampunk style, it has evolved over the years. The first obvious part of steampunk wear people notice is the Victorian influence. Women’s steampunk wear generally consists of Victorian-influenced dresses, skirts, and corsets. These pieces of clothing are embellished with gears, bits of hardware, leather, and other decorations to play into the industrial aspect of steampunk. For men, steampunk wear plays heavily off the technology/industrial side of steampunk. You will see retro-futuristic pilots, engineers, even zombie hunters!

Steampunk wear is easy to assemble once you understand what the aesthetic is all about. Fortunately, it is also always evolving and incorporating new influences, so don’t feel as though you are locked into a specific look. Play around – maybe you will create the next trend in steampunk wear!

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