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Medieval Costumes to Buy On A Budget!

Medieval Costumes to Buy On A Budget!
We’d all love to have unlimited funds to buy an endless number of fun medieval costumes. But in the real world, most of us can only afford a few items now and again. This guide will help you choose medieval costumes to buy on a budget that will carry you from event to event with uniqueness and ease!

Like everyday clothing, medieval costumes to buy can be broken down into pieces that can be worn with a variety of different outfits. To keep your costs low, you’ll need to select costumes that can be worn in as many variations as possible.

For a fair lady, you may want to start with one of our blouses or shirts, which can be the base for a number of different ensembles. Dresses may be too specific to one character or theme to be useful for various applications, but bodices or corsets can easily work for more than one outfit or style. You can also use different skirts or pants to change the color scheme and look of your basic blouse or bodice combination.

If you’re a man, a quality shirt is the basis for knights, pirates, or peasants, and thusly one of the most important elements of medieval costumes to buy! Pants or breeches that look like they can match more than one style or color combination are preferable, as well as sturdy boots. You can then add tunics, coats, or vests as you like to change the entire framework of your style.

The key to mixing and matching your colors is to either stick with neutral colors or choose a preferred color scheme you’ll adhere to as you continue collecting medieval clothing. Adding accessories and more expensive pieces like armor allows you to continue broadening your reach in the Renaissance world.

It’s also best to go the extra mile for pieces of medieval costumes to buy that you really enjoy, instead of trying to make it work with something you’ll need to replace later. Once you have a few articles of clothing you like, you’ll be able to mix, match, and add to them more easily. You won’t be breaking the bank every time you want to go to a Renaissance Faire, LARP, or costume party, and you’ll be able to diversify your looks in a way that someone who only has one outfit cannot do. So building one item at a time is really the best path to follow!

Keep in mind that choosing medieval costumes to buy on a budget is meant to be fun. Whether you have a few dozen or several hundreds of dollars to spend, you can start building an enviable renaissance collection for yourself today at

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