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Medieval Jewelry: Complete Your Costume

Medieval Jewelry: Complete Your Costume
A question that we are frequently asked at is, “Is there anything else I need?” Normally, someone looking for Medieval costuming will always be able to find the shirts, cloaks, vests, boots, dresses, gowns, or pants that they need for the theme of their costume. But there is one important thing that people often overlook when it comes to their outfits: Medieval Jewelry. Therefore, when we are asked about what else is “needed,” our most frequent response is to remind our customers that Medieval jewelry helps to complete a Medieval costume wonderfully!

Symbol of Status

When it comes to jewelry in general, not much has changed over the course of history in terms of what it symbolizes: Status. If you see someone wearing a ring that contains a large diamond, you know that it is an expensive ring. Just as modern jewelry can indicate status, the same was true about Medieval jewelry. During Medieval times, there were no fancy cars, immense luxury items, or new and exciting technologies that clearly let others know that you were important.

Medieval jewelry was the clearest indicator of wealth. Precious metals and stones were extremely hard to come by, so it was oftentimes hard just to find jewelry, let alone be able to afford it. Most Medieval crowns, Medieval necklaces, and Medieval earrings were reserved for the royal family or the nobility.

Therefore, if you are getting your costume together and you want to have the appearance of nobility, you should really consider accessorizing with Medieval jewelry. We know that the maidens out there will not have a problem putting on jewelry for the sake of their costume; it's the lords that may not be so agreeable!

Most men don't think that gallant knights would wear Medieval jewelry because they are too busy saving the damsel in distress or slaying the dragon. But the truth of the matter is that when knights were not in their armor doing battle, they too would wear jewelry, just so that it was clear to the common folk that they held status. So if you are planning on playing the role of a knight, you should still complete your costume with some Medieval jewelry.

Even if you aren't all that concerned with how other people will view your outfit in terms of status, there is no denying that the right piece of jewelry can really add a lot of authenticity to your Medieval costume. Take a few minutes to check out the collection of Medieval jewelry at to see what you can use to complement your costume perfectly.

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