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Our Theatrical Quality Costumes are Perfect for Performing and Beyond!

Our Theatrical Quality Costumes are Perfect for Performing and Beyond!
We know you take your Renaissance faire costumes seriously, but costumes make or break all kinds of events. When you need to both look the part and look your best, our theatrical quality costumes are exactly what you need. Purchase a full costume or select individual components to create your own look from the very best fashions of long ago!

Are you in a theatrical production? You wouldn’t skimp on your acting or stage direction time, so don’t settle for cheap-looking costumes! Our designs can transform you into famous characters: the Pirates of Penzance, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Maid Marian, and King Richard. With our collection of medieval theatrical quality costumes, you can incorporate all manner of kings and queens, knights and princesses into your live performance as well.

But what if you’re not putting on a performance in front of an in-the-flesh audience? What if your audience is an online one? Online videos are becomingly an increasingly popular way to showcase individual and group talents in the arts. By looking your best, you’ll be sure to demonstrate your dedication to your craft. If you’re making a video that advertises a performing group or live event, your viewers will take your production more seriously if they see theatrical quality costumes.

Of course, there’s also benefit to looking great while NOT being taken seriously and that is what a large number of internet comedy troupes and live performing groups seek to do. Our Harry Potter, Pirate, Robin Hood, Assassin’s Creed, and Medieval theatrical quality costume selections are great for Halloween costumes, but they are also an excellent tool for parody. Make your audience laugh even harder when they see you dressed precisely as their favorite characters!

The more you look through our selection of theatrical quality costumes, the more characters you can find. Ruffled shirts and big hats can create the Three Buccaneers look, while Roman armor can help you create the looks of everything from Shakespearean characters to guards for your living Stations of the Cross recreation.

Whatever kind of theatrical quality costumes you need, and for any number of purposes, you can find them at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe.

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