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Prepare for the Ultimate Battles with Our Medieval Armor for Sale!

Prepare for the Ultimate Battles with Our Medieval Armor for Sale!
When creating the ultimate costume, authenticity can be of primary concern. And if your character will be actively going to battle, or protecting himself against what may lurk around any and every turn, that authentic style will require more than a tunic! For those who are ready to up the ante on their look, we are excited to offer a growing selection of top-quality Medieval armor for sale.

Heavy Protection…Literally

Many of our customers are surprised by the heavy box when they receive the Medieval armor for sale we offer! At Pearson’s, we are committed to the best quality in all we bring, and that commitment most certainly carries over to our armor collection. While we do offer some top notch lightweight options as well, such as this Mithril Shirt, much of our armor is quite weighty. Looking at our Windlass Steelcrafts chainmail shirt as an example, you’ll find it comes in at over 30 pounds. No – that 0 was not a mistake! This work of armor art weighs approximately 31 lbs., comprised of 3/16” round 17 gauge steel rings. This density provides you greater protection, while offering a more powerful appearance. In short, this piece of Medieval armor for sale is enviably awesome!

Chainmail, Mithril and…Lorica Segmentata!

In addition to our heavyweight chainmail and lightweight Mithril Medieval armor for sale, we are also proud to offer both leather and steel Lorica Segmentata. Widely used at the peak of the Roman Empire, our top notch 18 gauge steel replica comes from Windlass Steelcrafts. Drawing its design inspiration from a second century A.D. piece found in Scotland, it is flexible, aesthetically intriguing, and fun to wear. Our harness grade leather Lorica Segmentata brings a certificate of authenticity, fashioned after a piece worn in the Roman epic “The Eagle.”

Whichever pieces of Medieval armor for sale you choose, you can be confident in the lasting quality each brings. We carefully select each style, only working with manufacturers who never cut corners and are as committed to authenticity as we are.

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