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Renaissance Dress: A Perfect Gown for the Perfect Maiden

Renaissance Dress: A Perfect Gown for the Perfect Maiden
Oh, hello there and welcome to my dress shop! Many of the undesirables in this marketplace don’t bother coming into my tent. I’m not surprised, seeing as how most of the commoners in this area would rather spend their days with the wenches. But you are a lovely young lady and I can tell you want a nice, elegant dress that matches your own radiant beauty! Step right in, my dear, for you are in the shop of the finest seamstress in the kingdom. I have any type of Renaissance Dress that you are hoping to find. Don’t be afraid to look around – the dresses won’t bite!

A Renaissance Dress for all Occasions

As I said before, you can find almost any type of Renaissance Dress that you may need here in my shop. If you are a maiden who lives in the castle, you should really take a look at this Lady Jane Dress. Or maybe you’re actually shopping for the Queen! If that is the case then I must direct your attention to this Queen’s Dress. No? Just looking for yourself? Oh, well in that case, over here we have a Country Maid’s Dress. It’s a bit easier to perform daily duties in, but still quite becoming!

Did you say you’re looking for a Renaissance wedding dress?

Did I overhear you say wedding? Here I was thinking you were looking for a normal Renaissance Dress, when you were actually looking for a Renaissance Wedding Dress the whole time. Well, don’t I feel the fool! And don’t you worry my dear, we have plenty of dresses for your special day. Make sure to look through every single dress, because I’ve made wedding gowns for maidens, princesses, and even the Queen herself. If my services were acceptable for the Queen, I’m sure that they will meet with your standards. Not that you aren’t every bit as lovely as she. And your man the luckiest in the land, I say!

Thank you very much for stopping by my shop. If you know anyone else looking for a Renaissance dress, make sure to let them know about!

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