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Renaissance Hair Accessories: The Finishing Touch

Renaissance Hair Accessories: The Finishing Touch
If you are putting together a costume for a Renaissance Faire, a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) character costume, or an outfit for a theatrical performance, you know how important it is to be as authentic as possible. The name of the game when it comes to any of the above scenarios is authenticity and atmosphere. When everyone involved is wearing costumes that look like the time period you are trying to emulate, it is easy to imagine that you are actually there. As soon as you see someone wearing a modern shirt, or a costume piece that is of the wrong time period or wrong culture, it can remind you that you are not actually in the time period.
Most of the times the transgression is something obvious like a modern item. However, another cause of the loss of atmosphere can be a costume that isn't complete. People in the Renaissance era didn't just wear gowns; they also wore trinkets, jewelry, hats, and other decorations. Without these final little embellishments, a costume could appear to be lacking. That is why has a number of Renaissance Hair Accessories available so that you can add the finishing touch to your costume and help maintain the atmosphere.

Mens Renaissance Hair Accessories

In the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, there is the scene where Captain Jack Sparrow has just saved Elizabeth Swann from her fall into the water. He is immediately put at odds when Commodore Norrington has him surrounded along with all of his effects. When Captain Jack Sparrow finally turns the tide and wraps his chains around Elizabeth, one of the terms of his releasing her are his effects, “...and my hat!” Just think of Captain Jack Sparrow without his hat. Doesn't it just seem strange until he finally puts it back on? This is why, if you're putting together a costume, you need to seriously think of the various hats and other Renaissance Hair Accessories that are available at

Womens Renaissance Hair Accessories

Women of the Renaissance era, especially the wealthy ones, typically wore Renaissance Hair Accessories. They could have included hats, tiaras, barrettes, veils, bonnets, or other ornate head pieces. has number of different options for you to select from so that you can create a beautiful and authentic costume for any Renaissance era occasion.
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