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Sound the Alarms! A Midsummer Night Wedding Is Approaching!

Sound the Alarms! A Midsummer Night Wedding Is Approaching!
Ah, there is nothing quite as magical as a midsummer night gathering to join two love birds in their life –long of matrimony! Sound the trumpets for this unforgettable event - a renaissance wedding is one of our favorite of events here at Pearson’s! After being courted by the knight of your dreams, after months of planning your guest list and picking out just the right merriment of food and drink, it’s finally time to look for a renaissance wedding dress, worthy of making you truly the fairest in the land! After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event—you want to be the most desired dutchess, the most beautiful of all maidens, the most royal of ladies, and the most shinning of Queens. Fortunately, here at Pearson’s we have got a wide array of beautiful renaissance wedding dresses to make you feel like all of those things and more!

From Renaissance wedding dresses in traditional shades of white, to the royalty of bright and bold reds and gold, you’re sure to find just the attire fitting for the look and feel of your big event. Whether your wedding is small and intimate or as large and as royal as they come, we’ve got just the renaissance wedding dresses for you and your bridesmaids! You’ll wow the nobleman and be the envy of every lady in the land. From maiden gowns to Italian Countess dresses and more, you’ll be in awe of our wide assortment of renaissance wedding dresses.

And while you’re in the market amongst our beautiful renaissance wedding dresses, don’t forget about the accessories! Oh, the accessories! They add just the right touch of royalty, just the right amount of sparkle. Add a waist cincher or underpinning to make your renaissance wedding dress truly stand out. And don’t forget to add a touch of gold! Shop an array of fine renaissance jewelry, including necklaces, crowns, earrings and bracelets.

So gather your royal maidens, indulge in a glass of deep red wine, and browse our selection of truly gorgeous renaissance wedding dresses. Together, you’re sure to come across a piece that you truly adore – something that your fair knight will adore just as much!

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