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Theater Quality Costumes for Women, Men and Children!

Theater Quality Costumes for Women, Men and Children!
Whether you are the costume director for a major production or a small play, it likely didn’t take much searching for theater quality costumes before you realized that much of what’s available is not up to par! At, we pride ourselves on providing stunning theater quality costumes that are a pleasure to wear, look smashing on stage, and are crafted to last. While many people are shopping our store for clothing to wear to Renaissance Faires and Festivals or LARPing, we are also happy to count costume coordinators among our repeat customers! Once you’ve experienced the reliability of our quality firsthand, we’re confident you’ll be pleased.

Theater Quality Costumes for Women

Our selection of Renaissance and Medieval style clothing, footwear and accessories for women is unsurpassed. Fair maidens, wenches, peasants, pirates and Queens can all find the perfect wardrobe components at Pearson’s! In addition to these more general styles, we also offer theater quality costumes designed to mirror some much-loved characters, including Hermione Granger costumes and Maid Marion costumes.

Theater Quality Costumes for Men

While it can be easy to get lost in the search for the grandest gowns and most delightful dresses, we always ensure we spend plenty of time seeking out awesome costumes for the guys as well! Whether he’ll be Robin Hood, King Arthur, Lord Valdemort or another recognizable character, or he’ll be something a bit more malleable, like a pirate, prince or bowman, you’ll find the finest theater quality costumes in our collection! In addition to traditional costume components, such as tunics and cloaks, Pearson’s also offers Medieval jewelry for men, Renaissance boots, and a growing selection of leather and chainmail armor.

Theater Quality Costumes for Children

You didn’t think we’d forget the littlest, but often brightest stars of the production, did you? We would never! Princesses, little ladies, fairies, knights, pirates, swordsmen, innkeepers, monks and more! Yep – we have theater quality costumes for kids to match all those characters and plenty others. And just like our men’s and women’s selection, the kids collection also includes popular character costumes, including Maid Marion, Rapunzel and Lady Guinevere.

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