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Visit the Golden Age with Elizabethan Costumes

Visit the Golden Age with Elizabethan Costumes
The Elizabethan era is often called The Golden Age of England. As English influence expanded throughout the globe, so did the culture. Poetry, music, and literature flourished, and the theatre of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and Ben Jonson first became the international phenomenon it is viewed as today. In addition to a thriving culture, England also grew economically due to advancements in trans-Atlantic trade. With so many great things happening during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, it’s not hard to figure out why people love reliving the period through Elizabethan costumes!

With all these interesting and exciting things happening in England during this time, it’s no wonder that the world of fashion also grew and evolved to include new and more creative details and flourishes. Everyone has seen paintings from this era, depicting people wearing large, frilly collars, rich colors, and ornate embroidery. These are accurate depictions of the changing styles brought on by the cultural explosion of the Elizabethan era. This is precisely why dressing in Elizabethan costumes is so fun! The amount of detail you can put into your outfit is endless!

For women, all you need to do is look at the aforementioned paintings. These images will give you clues and hints about the highly elaborate Elizabethan costumes you are trying to recreate. Finding Elizabethan clothing with ruffles galore is the key, and at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe, we have plenty! Since fashion of this era is often divided into early Elizabethan and late Elizabethan. If you want to dress in the style of an early Elizabethan maiden, you will want to look for a dress with fluffy, ruffled sleeves and a V-shaped waist. For a slightly different look, why not try the late Elizabethan style? Choose a tight sleeved, straight waist dress.

For men, there are just as many combinations of Elizabethan costumes as there are for women. First, take a look at our Locksley Pants or Period Tights. These pants will look great with a doublet or jerkin, both of which were popular during the Elizabethan era.

For both men and women, remember: there were no paved roads! Things certainly got muddy, especially in rainy weather, so be sure to find a great pair of boots to complete your Elizabethan costumes.

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