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Boy's Medieval Clothing Size Chart

6-8 Year: 15.7 Inch Length, 26.4 Inch Chest, 24.8 Inch Untied Waist, 26.4 Inch Hip
8-10 Year: 17.7 Inch Length, 28.7 Inch Chest, 26.8 Inch Untied Waist, 28.7 Inch Hip
Small: 21.3 Inch Length, 35.8 Inch Chest, 33.5 Inch Untied Waist, 35.8 Inch Hip
Medium: 22 Inch Length, 39.8 Inch Chest, 37 Inch Untied Waist, 39.8 Inch Hip
Large: 22.8 Inch Length, 43.7 Inch Chest, 40.9 Inch Untied Waist, 43.7 Inch Hip

Kids Small: Fits up to a 27 inch Waist, a 22 inch Inseam, and a 29.75 inch Outseam
Kids Medium: Fits up to a 29 inch Waist, a 24 inch Inseam, and a 33 inch Outseam
X-Small: Fits up to a 32 inch Waist, a 28.25 inch Inseam, and a 37.5 inch Outseam
Small: Fits up to a 36 inch Waist, a 32 inch Inseam, and a 41 inch Outseam
Medium: Fits up to a 42 inch waist, a 33 inch Inseam, and a 43 inch Outseam
Large: Fits up to a 46 inch Waist, a 34 inch Inseam, and a 44 inch Outseam
X-Large: Fits up to a 49 inch Waist, a 34.5 inch Inseam, and a 45 inch Outseam
XX-Large: Fits up to a 56 inch Waist, a 35 inch Inseam, and a 46 inch Outseam

Youth Size Chart:

Children Size Chart:

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