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4 Ways to Make it a Royal Event In Medieval Fancy Dress Costumes

4 Ways to Make it a Royal Event In Medieval Fancy Dress Costumes
If the Queen declares it so, it shall be so! Or at least that’s how you ought to follow event rules, such as the dress code. So often you let people dress however they like for your event, which results in rather peasant-like garb. Why let things be dull and peasant-y when you can wear medieval fancy dress costumes? It’s a great idea with many variations and costume ideas for all of those who attend. There are so many options for stylish and fancy apparel, from your embroidered medieval dresses and suede gloves to medieval crowns and tiaras. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to send out invitations with your fastest courier in your best penmanship. We’ve found five fabulous reasons to host a fancy affair, complete with medieval fancy dress costumes!

Declare a royal birthday party!

When it’s your day, you get to make all the rules. Either you alone can wear all the fine clothing you wish, or you can make it mandatory for all of those who attend to don their own medieval fancy dress costumes as well.

Celebrate a historical event in the type of clothing fitting the time and age.

Having a Joan of Arc party? The leading lady may have been the daughter of a common person, but her heroic, though crazy tale makes her definitely worthy of the elegant status that comes with fine clothing. Planning a Columbus Day party? Dress in medieval fancy dress costumes equal to the status of Queen Isabella of Spain for the occasion!

Does your formal affair lack a theme?

Not only will a medieval theme keep your company in high spirits, it will also be a reason to dress in fine clothes and garb. Decorate in medieval castle style, with a crest on all decorations, from the wall banners to the place settings.

Make a royal decree for medieval fancy dress costumes to be worn at your next gathering.

Is there not a reason for the gathering? One is not needed with the medieval decree from a royal such as yourself! A royal gathering can come from a need to see one another, the time of the year, or just be a simple excuse to eat and be merry. Don’t let the holidays determine when you celebrate in royal fashion. Don your medieval fancy dress costumes whenever you like!

Set out your best writing quills and paper, and make out the finest invitations for your ornate event! Tell them to find their medieval fancy dress costumes here at And don’t forget to invite us, please!

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