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What to Look for in Medieval Renaissance Costumes

What to Look for in Medieval Renaissance Costumes
Everyone knows you and your companions can't go to a Renaissance faire without Medieval Renaissance costumes. The better the quality of the costume, the better you will fit in among the crowds of historical buffs at the faire. Transport yourself back in time with quality Medieval Renaissance costumes that you can find at Pearson's. Whether you're looking to re-create history, or add a twist of your own while enjoying the experience of a Renaissance faire, a beautiful costume is an absolute necessity. Here are some things to look for in a quality Renaissance costume!

1. Historical Accuracy- You will fit in best at the Renaissance faire if your costume is historically accurate! If you want to be the lord or lady everyone is talking about and coming to for tips on next year's Medieval Renaissance costumes, a historically accurate costume is a must have! Be sure that your costume dealer is reputable to ensure you get the best quality costume possible.

2. Quality Fabrics- Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the fabric used to create your Medieval Renaissance costumes, the higher the cost. While brocades and damasks may be great if you're a noble, most mere peasants and traders can't afford such luxuries! If this is the case, you will have more success seeking out cheap or budget friendly Renaissance costumes as opposed to custom ordered one of a kind gowns that may cost a little bit more due to the custom work.

3. Color- In Medieval times, the color of a person's clothing was directly related to their wealth and social status. Colors such as red and purple were difficult to come by and were generally reserved for nobles and royalty. If you're looking for Medieval Renaissance costumes to suite a peasant or countryman, be sure the colors reflect your social status.

Whether you're looking to become a Lord or a serf, good quality, affordable Medieval Renaissance costumes can make that transformation possible. The more historically accurate and well made your costume is, the more likely you are to fit in among your peers at the Renaissance faire. When shopping for a costume for the Renaissance faire, keep in mind the historical accuracy, quality of fabric, and color, and you're sure to be the Lord of the Faire!

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