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Awaken the Past in the Present with Stunning Reenactment Costumes

Awaken the Past in the Present with Stunning Reenactment Costumes
Bring an authentic look to your next live-action event with the large selection of reenactment costumes available from Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe. Whether you are playing a member of the aristocracy or a humble craftsman, there are plenty of costumes to choose from for almost any budget. They are designed for comfort and authenticity, so you won't constantly have the urge to trade in the leather jerkin and trousers for denim and cotton! Take a look at the medieval reenactment costumes for men, women and children…

Of Weddings and Wenches

You have studied the region and time period well enough to stay in character. Now give yourself the final touch with the perfect costume. Are you looking for a port-of-call tavern wench outfit or perhaps a simple maiden's dress? Picture the scene and interactions in your mind, and start searching the sets of waist cinchers and under-bust corsets. You'll find seductive reenactment costumes , such as the Vampire Queen and Scandalous Lady set, as well as more demure options, like the Scottish Plaid Bonnie Lass.

Knights and Gentlemen

Men will find a large collection of armor and accoutrements from different time periods for a historically accurate costume. Leather, chainmail and mithril are all represented with other period gear, such as the Lorica Segmentata and Roman Cuirass. The gentlemen and brigands aren't left out either. The Musketeer Tabard and Highwayman Coat are two of many options that include the Scottish Brigandine and Leather Jerkin. The right choice of reenactment costumes does more than help you stay in character – it also helps your fellow adventurers interact with your character.

Children's Reenactment Costumes

Boys and girls can be especially challenging at a live-action event. It's harder to find appropriate costumes, and they aren't always interested in staying in them. A memorable and comfortable costume is absolutely essential! It helps to give them a hand in choosing the right outfit.

Whatever the time period or region, you'll find several options for the next live-action event. Choose the right accessories to lend even more authenticity. reenactment costumes help you preserve historical integrity and make for a more enjoyable event!

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