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Medieval Prom Dresses from Pearson’s: Stand Out from the Crowd While Looking Oh-So-Lovely!

Medieval Prom Dresses from Pearson’s: Stand Out from the Crowd While Looking Oh-So-Lovely!
When prom season rolls around, the search for the ideal dress can easily become a quest greater than any you’ve encountered while LARPing! Even those among us who have never been considered a ‘girly girl’ can find a lot of fun (and some frustration!) in seeking out that magical moment that finding the perfect dress brings. The simple fact is, most of us spend our everyday in jeans. There’s an excitement in planning for a day where we’ll look and ideally feel our confident best!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with opting for a more traditionally trendy prom dress, we have to admit we’ve always been more drawn to Renaissance and Medieval prom dresses than anything swimming in sequins. Having personally worn dresses of both modern and Medieval style, I can attest that while I have liked both, I had much more fun wearing the latter! If Medieval prom dresses capture your personality and interests better than something more expected, why not mix things up and look amazing doing it?!

Mixing in Some Modernity with Medieval Prom Dresses

It’s important to remember that your prom look need not be all or nothing. If you have found a favorite in our selection of medieval prom dresses – a gown that grabbed your attention and left you thinking ‘that’s the one!’ – celebrate the moment! You can decide to make your whole look Medieval, from your hairstyle to your jewelry, or you might want to let the dress be the star of the show and keep other elements more modern.

Many young women who choose Medieval prom dresses keep other aspects of their look simpler to avoid looking as though they are in costume. That said, if a full Medieval look sounds like a good time to you, go for it! This is your prom – your night to make a statement, look your beautiful best, and have an absolute blast with your friends. You’ll remember moments from this night forever, and when you look back on pictures over the years, you’ll get to relive it a bit here and there.

Pearson’s offers many gorgeous gowns that would make magnificent Medieval prom dresses. And in addition to their quality and eye-catching elegance, many are modest without being the least bit ‘buttoned up.’ If you want to keep yourself more covered than most modern dresses do, Medieval prom dresses might just be perfect! They don’t compromise a flattering, feminine look in the least, letting your beauty shine without making you feel too bare.

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