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How to Find the Perfect Elven Clothing and Dress!

How to Find the Perfect Elven Clothing and Dress!
Just as with any costume, you want to find Elven clothing that fits comfortably and looks good. An elf is graceful, a lover of beauty, which is why it’s important to find the loveliest Elven clothing. Whether it’s a one day event or a yearly gathering that you plan to wear your Elven dress to, you want the very best outfit. This means finding the right fit, accessorizing appropriately and acting in a manner that respects the noble Elven people.

Getting the right fit for your clothes

To get an ideal fit, especially concerning our custom Elven clothing, ask yourself these questions:

1. What will I be performing?

2. Will I be outside or inside?

3. Do I require great freedom of movement?

If you plan on wearing your Elven clothing and dress outside, such as for a large scale LARP event, choose a shorter hem line for your dress. There will be no heels as an Elven princess, so remember you’ll be on flat soled shoes. A dress that requires a lot of movement for swordplay or horse mounting will work best with custom measurements that allow for more width between the shoulders.

Of course if you know your standard size and fit, then the premade Elven Princess Dress will be perfect for you. The same applies to Elven men, who are looking for a suitable tunic like our Elven Prince Brocade Tunic. Simply choose your size and order!

Accessorizing the Outfit

Now to complete your outfit, remember the accessories that must go with all Elven clothing. As an Elf, you know to choose very simple jewelry and accessories.

Choose an Elven circlet to set upon your head. If you have fake Elven ears, use one of our Lord of the Rings inspired headpieces to pull your hair back and show them off. Or use the headpiece to keep your ears covered and maintain the illusion.

To allow for freer movements, use a leather Elven skirt hike to pull the skirt of your dress up, away from any dirt or tangles.

Male Elves may choose the Elven mug strap as well to carry ale around in.

Elves, according to Lord of the Rings folklore, are the oldest race on Earth, making them a noble choice in costuming for your Renaissance Faire, role playing event, or costume dance. Make the right choice in Elven clothing by having your Elven dress fitted here at, and accessorizing with beautiful Elven accessories!

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