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How to Find the Renaissance Chemise for Your Bodice Type

How to Find the Renaissance Chemise for Your Bodice Type
Just as a snowflake in the winter months, every lady in the realm is as unique and beautiful in her own way as can be. Her hair takes on different shades and colors under different lights, her skin and coloring differs from even her sister’s, and her body type is most definitely her own. You know that your gown, dress or skirt would look different on you than it would on a friend. Swapping outfits may be a joy, but for the most part you’ll even make a dress look different when worn and tightened appropriately onto your own body. That makes your choice in Renaissance chemise such fun because there are so many options and ways to find the right one for your body!

How many inches do you fare in height? Those of taller proportions may choose one of the full length Renaissance chemises that run to the floor. These longer chemises can be worn separately, but look best under a waist cincher corset, bodice or overskirt. For those ladies of a shorter stature, a mid length or short chemise will suit you. Shorter Renaissance Chemises are perfect for when you desire less layers below – or plan to layer with the appropriate skirts.

Do you want to place less emphasis on your bust? Many Renaissance chemises are built to be roomy and wide, which makes them ideal for either concealing or slightly minimizing attention to a larger bosom. A high neckline chemise will cover up modestly, allowing for a look befitting a stately princess or queen when out and about. The looser the material the better, as it can be adjusted with a cincher corset to pull the neckline low or keep it high, letting you mix up your look depending upon your mood, outfit, or the event you’ll be attending.

Do you desire to place more emphasis on your bust? If you have a smaller bust, you may want to enhance it by choosing one of our tighter-fitting Renaissance chemises and pairing it with a corset. You don’t necessarily need a low neckline; the bold fit will do your bodice well in many styles. Stay away from the elastic necklines, which are more suited to a wider bust, and go for a sewn fitted style, like that seen in our Brown Renaissance Chemise separate.

A Renaissance chemise is the building block to many of your basic and formal Renaissance outfits. The kind you choose can enhance your figure or keep it a secret! Make the most of your Renaissance outfit with the Renaissance chemise that’s perfect for you and your desired effect.

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