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Medieval Armor: Prepare for Battle!

Medieval Armor: Prepare for Battle!
Alright everybody, fall in line! I need to see how many soldiers need to be fitted for Medieval armor before tomorrow's battle starts. A worthy adversary awaits down in the valley and it will take all of our cunning to bring them to heel. We will be on the defensive until our allies arrive from the west. We need your courage. We need your dedication. The Queen calls for you to fight so her lands remain defended. In order to help you with the fight, I'm assigning all of our smiths to work throughout the night getting your medieval armor ready. It will not be an easy task, but we all must do what we can in order to achieve victory. For the Queen!

In order to make life easier for the smiths, I want you all to divide up depending upon your regiment. All front line warriors, which includes swordsmen, pike men, spear men, and so forth, follow me.

Chain Mail Medieval Armor

Aye indeed, you men are our last line of defense should the walls be breached. You may be engaged in heavy hand to hand fighting and you need to be protected as such. That is why your Medieval armor will consist mainly of chain mail shirts and chain mail coifs. Chain mail is much more protective and can withstand greater strikes than lighter forms of armor. If you are bogged down in a heavy line of combat, metal armor is going to be what gets you out of it; as will your martial prowess. The drawback to this type of armor of course is that it is on the heavy side, which may make it difficult for you to move quickly about the battlefield. But the only thing you'd have to do quickly is run and I trust that each of you possess the honor to not run away from this fight!

Leather Medieval Armor

If you are an archer or skirmisher, I want you all to march to this side of the armory. While the enemy approaches, you will serve as our first line of defense against the coming tide. Your ranged abilities must take out as many of the opposing force as quickly as possible to try and break their spirits before they can clash into our main battle line. Indeed your efforts in the fight may win or lose us the day.

Since you need to have a more free range of motion and you need to be able to move quickly to line up your shots, you are going to be equipped with a leather armor. We don't anticipate you to actually be in the heavy fighting so that you can continue to be effective from a distance. Your Medieval armor won't withstand as much as the chain mail, but it will still offer you adequate protection.

Rest well tonight servants of the crown, and be ready for battle on the 'morrow.

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