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Outfit Yourself in the Finest Armour of the Land from Windlass Steelcrafts

Outfit Yourself in the Finest Armour of the Land from Windlass Steelcrafts
The chain mail armor from Windlass Steelcrafts is no mere dress up piece to go under your tunic. This finely crafted armor is meant for one person, and one person alone – a hero. You may choose to wear a tunic, if you be a beggar or a jester, but a mighty hero needs protection for times of battle. When outfitting yourself for the next epic tournament or quest – also known as a costume contest or Renaissance festival – you will have chosen your weapon. Why merely choose an offensive tool, when you can outfit yourself in the best, historically accurate defensive chain mail armor as well?

Windlass Steelcrafts designs 100% historically accurate representations of chain mail to protect a hero as he ought to be rightly shielded. The Hero’s Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail coif is finely worked to protect you with 17 gauge steel rings measuring at 3/16 of an inch round, the finest and densest of chain mail in all the land. Hero’s Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail coif goes with a matching Hero’s Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail shirt with identical 17 gauge rings at 3/16 of an inch, providing equal protection. Only a hero can doff the Hero’s Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail coif and mail shirt though, as they weigh a 36 collective pounds. We did mention this is historically accurate workmanship, hence a historically accurate weight as well!

We’ll also admit that even though Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail armor is forged with the sole purpose of protecting from evil forces, a villain may in fact wield the Hero’s armor as well. Black knights and villains of the knight may much more prefer Windlass Steelcrafts’ blackened chain mail armour though, to match their temperament. Don’t be afraid to show your colors; proudly show off the blackened chain mail coif deserving of a Black Knight.

Humble and mighty knights may easily arm themselves however they wish. But remember this when putting together your outfit: to be as historically accurate as possible, you’ll want chain mail armor! For a real historically accurate representation, protect thyself from navel to forehead with the chainmail from the master forger’s of Windlass Steelcrafts chain mail and armor, which you may conveniently find here at!

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