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Medieval Peasant Clothing: Experience the Past

Medieval Peasant Clothing: Experience the Past
Many people who are intrigued by Renaissance faires often wonder why people dress up in costumes. They know that the vendors and performers are there to educate and entertain, but why is it that normal faire attendees choose to don Medieval costumes? There are several reasons costumes are so popular at Renaissance faires: Some people like to assume the role of a character and portray that character while amongst other Renaissance enthusiasts; other faire-goers appreciate the opportunity to actually make their own costume and show it off to other people; others still simply love to become a part of the atmosphere created by the faire.

If you are thinking about joining in the magic that is created while at the faire grounds and you are looking for your own costume, you need to decide what role you'd like to fulfill. Unless you want to be a Queen, a noble, or some other recognizable figure, your best bet is to dress in Medieval peasant clothing. This type of costuming gives you the chance to easily become part of the culture of the faire as the majority of faire-goers are dressed similarly. has a wide selection of Medieval peasant clothing to assist in finding the right look for you.

Imagine what it was like:

Walking into a Renaissance faire can be like walking into history. As you wander down the various paths it is almost as though you are at a Medieval market. During the actual Renaissance era, many towns were set up much like they are at the faire: A Castle or Keep is the main focus of the town with the commoners’ homes and market place developing around this central structure.

Therefore, while wearing your Medieval peasant clothing you can move from shop to shop seeing all the wares that are available for sale. Not only can you talk with merchants but you can usually see them working on their trade. You can also meet people who are preparing and serving food, most notably the giant turkey legs! It is quite an enjoyable experience to interact with those who are also in character while they are serving you food. The tavern setting is where the archetypal “tavern wenches” made their debut, which is another fun role to take up as many people love to try the grog.

The bottom line is that Medieval peasant clothing is the most versatile type of costuming that you can pick up. A peasant can be a tradesmen, a server, a merchant, as well as a whole host of other options. Let Pearson's help you find the costume that is exactly what you need to look your best while you make your way to the faire!

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