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Peasant Costume: LARP Standard Issue

Peasant Costume: LARP Standard Issue
We have met a lot of people over the years who come to us when looking for costumes specifically for Renaissance faires, theatrical productions, or Medieval reenactments. During these events, authenticity is key, as the patrons are coming to see what life was like during this time period. The Medieval costumes that you can find at can help you achieve an authentic feel in your presentation.

However, we also encountered another group of people that we did not initially expect; and we are very happy we did! That group would be the Live Action Role Playing gamers, or LARPers for short. At first we weren't really sure what LARPing was, let alone how we would be able to help people who are involved with this hobby. But the more we learned, the more we found that we were the perfect match.

A Peasant Costume Is an Ideal Outfit

LARPing is a hobby where a peasant costume can fit almost any situation. A LARP is a gaming hobby where you actually create a character based on the rules system of the game that you are planning on attending. Creating a character involves developing a past, a personality, a skill set (again based on the rules,) and putting together a costume. Once you arrive at the site where the game takes place, you literally become your character. A set of game directors will start to administer the game, including sending out characters with vital information, or monsters to fight with foam or latex weapons that are safe for combat. You are free to chose how you respond to questions or scenarios that your character would face.

The aspect that makes LARPing so interesting is that when you are with all the other players, there is a sense that you are actually in the scenario; in other words, there is a great sense of atmosphere. The first thing that helps create this atmosphere is everyone is wearing a time appropriate costume. A peasant costume is a definite way to ensure that you are in line with what everyone else is wearing!

Unless your character has a very specific past, having a peasant costume as your character's main garb helps you fit into almost any role. Whether you want to play a wandering minstrel, a tavern keep, a general store owner, a town councilor, or any other Medieval position, you will still look great and on-theme with a peasant costume. It is a perfect and versatile fit! has a plethora of peasant costumes for you to browse through so that you can find exactly what you need to complement your character's personality.

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